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Selecting a Smok Pen Holder

Selecting a Smok Pen Holder A Smok Pen may be the latest promotional gift going to the UK market. They’re extremely affordable and are available in such a huge selection of varieties that no other brand can compete. The Smok Pens have been developed for smokers who usually do not want to carry around aContinue reading “Selecting a Smok Pen Holder”

The Truth About Vaping Health

The Truth About Vaping Health A fresh study comparing the consequences of two different types of e-liquid has just been published in JAMA. It compared the oral and nasal outward indications of two sets of teenage smokers. One group was presented with a non-nicotine e-liquid, and another was given a nicotine e-liquid. The report’s conclusion?Continue reading “The Truth About Vaping Health”

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